A look back at some of the most incredible moments of 2018

Oh 2018, you have brought so much goodness. Quite an extraordinary year for me and all the lovely friends and clients you will be able to see now. I have seen and experienced so much trust, support and kindness, that it left me really touched once I went through 2018 weddings.

It has been a very important year in a personal life, I have finished my training to be a yoga teacher. Through so many busy wedding days, my yogis were such a motivation to go through it all and ending it as true friends. 16 girls who shared their long days with wisdom and constant love and support, and of course our teachers Sibylle & Naomi! Big thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My couples have been the bravest so far in all those years that I am a wedding photographer, which made me incredibly proud and I wish they stay like that throughout their happy married lives. Those hugs at the end of the sessions and the days where you saw my excitement were truly worth it! Thank you!

Getting cards, emails, calls & messages how appreciative my couples are is just wow each and every time! You are making it possible for me to have my dream job!

I wish to say a big thanks to my wonderful friend Lisa, who trusted me fully and let me document their special day, who is one of those that truly believed in me when I was still in college. It meant so much! And of course a big thank you to David too!

Another enormous thank you to my second shooters for couple of the weddings this year - Zsofia, Jasna, Egle & Tara. You rocked! Thank you for being legends!

And of course to my Vedran, family and friends for being patient to wait for my free time, and for all those little things that meant the world when I was the busiest.

Lots of love,

Can`t wait to see what will 2019 bring! I know it will be a very special one!


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