Truly blessed with the start of New Year! Very memorable trip to Zagreb that made me just burst from happiness!

The last couple of days were truly wonderful for me. I visited Zagreb to attend one of my things on my go-to list ( ) and I can only say - PERFECTION! It is very hard to describe the feelings and experiences that are still very fresh for me, but I just had to. Marko Marinkovic and Petar Jurica are 2 names I followed from the start of my journey of photography. I have mentioned their names to probably every person I have ever met in Ireland when talking about photography. You can imagine that it was a bit hard to pronounce it for a lot of people but that still didnt stop me being persistent to pass it on. I am very proud that I had a opportunity to meet them in person and witness a very important goals that they are pursuing. They are changing the community of photographers in Croatia, and with that I mean they are making other people value photography even more. It is fascinating to see how someone always still stays so humble, honest and fair and wants to help more individuals on their journey. I had a pleasure to meet some new friends and I know that some of them are for life. Thank you!