Warm summer wedding of Nicky & Dano at Tinakilly House

While the season didn`t kick off yet, and I can enjoy a little bit of the quiet time it is still great to think how you remember the summer by just looking at the day like Nicky & Dano`s . Especially loved to see those words that you will find which are written by all the Nicky`s siblings for their mum & dad`s 40th anniversary. They have given me an idea to do something special for my parents and I actually booked them a holiday that we can spend together right after. This is what always gets me when photographing weddings, the genuine and warm touch that everyone shows and its not thought through before, it`s just done! My favourite moments are when the couple drives their wedding car on the day, and it happened on this day! We do get couple of amazing days in summer in Ireland!

Special thanks to my second shooter Jasna Pasalic!

Hope you will enjoy!

Venue: Tinakilly House

Make -up artist : Ciara Allen

Hair stylist: Trudy Hayes

Stationery: Made by a family member ( they are so beautiful ! )

Ballons : Hippenings