Connemara at it`s best with incredible Gertrude & Julien at Rosleague Manor House

Happy tears!

I have seen so many happy tears while documenting many other beautiful days, but this one was a winner of all. Rosleague Manor in Connemara was such a perfect setting for this phenomenal couple Gertrude & Julien.  Julien is another one of my favourites in the Irish wedding industry working as an incredible videographer at

Moody Connemara just added a special kind of feeling within the guests, they witnessed 2 ceremonies with so much music and talent wherever you look around.

The reading that was written by one of the very close friend Jen was something that really stood by me and I think you will agree it should be shared :

Because on some level, love is life.
All human behaviour is one of two things: either love itself,
or a call for love.

More than everything, love is a feeling, it feels like well - being, it feels
like joy. It feels like a homecoming and you can see this demonstrated by
the gaze in their eyes, the smiles on their face or their softness of being.

Individually and most certainly together, you are a true example of love and life.
Exuding both in equal measure..

Oysters, stunning scenery, lawn games, lovable dogs, emotional speeches and many more to finish of with the busiest dancefloor I have seen.

Lots of love,