Spectacular Dingle with Rosalie & David at Ballintaggart House!

Dingle! You have been very kind to me! Thank you again. But it all starts with amazing people, no landscape or a place without inspiring people means anything to me. It was a third wedding in row, and just made the whole weekend the most magical. As soon as I met Rosalie & David, I knew they are special. Doing everything together and moving to another country ( David ) like I doing their own way. Dutch traditions from Rosalie`s side were really shown throughout the day.  We have had it all that day, the sound of the sea, the sun on our faces and an incredible sunset to finish off the day. But the best possible way to have the party started was with David singing his song to Rosalie! Everyone on the dance floor was speechless.

 Special thanks to my wonderful second shooter Jasna Pasalic.