Elegant Irish/ American wedding of Rebecca & Wesley at Irish Museum of Modern Art

When a wedding day starts with early pints of Guinness in the heart of Dublin with grooms best friends who flew from America it just has to be good. Loved every single moment of happiness that was associated with this bride`s dress. Her mum made her dress, and what is even better, that she was the only one who saw it before the big day - nobody else did! It caused many of us to just have plenty of woows screaming around. 

Rebecca`s gran`s words are still so vividly in my head, how she was saying to Rebecca - you are just so beautiful. I think you will agree that her quote by William Butler Yeats : ` Tread softly because you tread on my dreams ` was just perfection reflection of the day.

The IMMA is one of those stunning places in Dublin that can really leave you breathless. With the sounds of one of my favourite ceremony bands The Kooky Ukes and married by one of their best friends they did it so personally, it just couldn`t be better.

The party + dinner was followed by a great atmosphere at Ballymagarvey Village.