Love - Laughter - Happiness

I am becoming very sentimental going through all the images of the wonderful couples and families I had pleasure to photograph this year. It has been a very important year for me, and one of those
 you can`t forget the number that easily. I wish to thank to everyone who believed, trusted and trully supported me. Many of those who will read will probably think that it is always up to just a person or two that will push you further, but for me there are some people I would love to devote
this post too. Anouska for giving the extra strength that I needed, Lisa Marie for making me look further in everything, 2x Ana`s for always being there in every step and Zoe&Ena for where my
journey with photography started. There is a very long list here that I have but these were the ones, that will always have my special thanks. Love you all!!! This year has been very emotional, regarding to the life situation I have found myself in with my long love - my boyfriend. He has managed to surprise us all with the best news so far. He has gotten so much better with his health that even doctors say how it is a miracle. I won`t go on too much longer but for everyone who has a couple of minutes to spare to see my retrospective of 2015, try to really believe in miracles - because they do happen!

Have a very happy and healthy 2016!

Lots of love,